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Generic audio-bin

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by Ming, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Ming

    Ming Member

    An Apple/Logic issue.
    I want a "speaker" symbol in the Apple-menu bar. Pushing this button will start a recording of any audio going through the audio-driver/s regardless of program. Push it again stops recording. Audio is now in a generic audio-bin. Take the speaker-symbol and simply drag and drop it onto any audio-program and the recorded audio gets pasted and copied.

    Cmd-click or double-click opens the speaker pop-up with all audio-files in the speaker-bin, 3cm long bars possible to monitor and delete.

    Ex. record a short edit in say Melodyne. Now it's in speaker-bin, drag speaker-symbol to a Logic-track, iTunes, Final Cut pro, the desktop, whatever.

    The function is multi-lateral as a system-function in all directions. Skip the bridges, busses, aux'es, exports, it's to complicated and we don't have time for it anymore.

    Draging an audio-file onto the speaker and it's in there, at your disposal.

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