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How to connect 2 2882 2D cards to get 16 in and out??

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by Ulf Ivarsson, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Ulf Ivarsson

    Ulf Ivarsson New Member


    I want to connect 2 Metric halo 2D 2882 units to get 16 channels in and out...

    How to do?? should i go for the firewire connect or AES....??

    Please let me know!!

  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

  4. Ulf Ivarsson

    Ulf Ivarsson New Member

    Hi Allen!

    Thanks a lot!!

    Cool!! Another question..

    i want to hook up my Universal Audio 2192 AD/DA as a master clock to the it possible then to use both the Metrics as slaves...or must 1 of the Metrics interfaces be used as a master clock if i want to hook them up together??


  5. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    Daisy chain the wordclock from the UA through the 2882s.


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