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Will buy my first Mac Book Pro: Using 13" screen sufficient?

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by b-pole, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. b-pole

    b-pole Member

    Dear fellows,

    planning to buy my first Mac Book Pro.
    I would have money for a 13" model.
    How is the worklow with a 13" display?
    I have no possibility to test it somewhere.
    It would be not my main computer, because mostly I work with my 24" iMac.
    I would install only Logic 9 Express, a little bit surfing , E-Mail and office stuff.

  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I have not recently used anything smaller than a 15" computer for quite some time but I think it's safe to say that the screen real estate of the 13" might get a little cramped.
    I assume the 13" has a separate monitor out in which you could buy a larger flatscreen and use in dual-screen mode. But this obviously cuts down on portability.

    I have a MacPro tower and work with two monitors. The ergonomics of two monitors can drastically help you if it is within your budget.
  4. b-pole

    b-pole Member

    Dear Charlie,

    thanks for reply.

    Do not understand me wrong, I have an 24" iMac with an 23" Cinema display as a expansion.

    The 13" would be only for a little bit music on holiday or on a couch in the living room.
  5. b-pole

    b-pole Member

    I was at a friend and I was able to compare 13' with 15' with Logic 9. And I Must admit:
    15' was much netter. Additionally the 15' has the i5 CPU instead off c2d, so I decided to Order the 15'. Greetings from Germany. Marcus

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